SECOND CHANCE DRUG COURT PROGRAM is a docket created by the Gary City Court to address cases involving individuals who are addicted to drugs. Those persons charged with non-violent criminal offenses are allowed to enter pleas of guilty. Their guilty pleas are taken under advisement for a period of one year, minimally, and the participant is required to submit to weekly drug test, court appearances, job and educational training, family counseling and any other assistance necessary to help the person maintain a drug free, crime free existence.

The Court seeks to reduce the rate of recidivism, increase the productivity of these individuals to society and themselves and effectively employ alternatives to incarceration.

PROBATION SERVICES monitor a defendant’s behavior in the community and their compliance with the Court’s ordered conditions and sanctions. The Probation Department is required to provide assistance as well as supervise the defendants it monitors. Further, the department submits pre-sentence investigation reports for sentencing and make recommendations where appropriate to the Court.

COMMUNITY SERVICES PROGRAM partnership with the city’s General Services Department by using appropriate offenders to help clean the city.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE COUNSELING is a service provided to court ordered defendants who primarily have been charged with domestic battery related offenses. The program offers counseling to reduce recidivism that is common among domestic violence incidences.

E.A.S.E. (Elder Abuse and Safety Education) is a program designed to address increasing incidences of crimes against our senior/elder population. The Judge and/or designated staff visit seniors at their residence and various other locations to educate and enlighten them on safety tips, signs of abuse, protection against con-artist activity and other such crimes.