Home-ARP Program

The Federal HOME-ARP program provides a total of $5 billion to assist individuals or households who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, and other vulnerable populations. It is funded through The American Rescue Plan (ARP). The funding can be used to provide housing, rental assistance, non-congregate shelter, and/or supportive services.

The City of Gary is slated to receive $2,490,094 in HOME-ARP funding to address homelessness & increase housing.


The City of Gary is seeking public input on the best way for the City to spend those dollars. We will use the input to help us develop a proposed Allocation Plan. You can provide your input by clicking the link below: 


Below please find more information regarding HOME-ARP. 

HOME-ARP Requirements
HOME-ARP Eligible Activities 
HOME-ARP Qualifying Populations
HOME-ARP Non-Congregate Shelter Fact Sheet 
HOME-ARP Operating Assistance & Capacity Building Fact Sheet 
HOME-ARP Rental Fact Sheet
HOME-ARP Supportive Services Fact Sheet