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Information Technology

The Information Technology Department is committed to providing the timely delivery of strategic, responsive, cost-effective technology solutions and quality services to meet the goals defined by the Mayor, City Council and Gary’s citizens.

The Information Technology Department is the central information technology organization for the City of Gary. We partner with our internal and external customers to provide reliable and secure information and communication solutions that make technology work for the city.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of excellence in our technical skills by providing total quality workmanship and expertise. The IT Department operates and maintains a wide variety of technology policies, tools and systems that support every department in City government. In these efforts we follow these five principles

  • Information Technology Ethics and Integrity
    IT Department will maintain the highest level of Ethics and Integrity for the City of Gary’s technology as related to appropriate use, security violations, phishing, copyright issues, or misuse of any computers, networks, other IT systems, or the information they contain including privacy or confidentiality concerns.
  • Leverage Innovative Technology
    We will provide the best technology available to our City agencies so that they can achieve their goals and serve the residents and businesses of Gary.
  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service
    We will enable our customers to meet their business objectives by providing exceptional and timely customer service
  • Promote Employee Success
    We will provide an environment that promotes professional growth, foster individual fulfillment and will always treat customers and staff with respect and dignity.
  • Continual Improvement Process
    We look forward to continuous improvement, while leveraging technology, to promote the City’s ability to deliver our community the best services, support and public service.

Information Technology is responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining the city's infrastructure hardware and software; installing and supporting desktop systems; supporting departments' technology initiatives and projects, as well as their operational applications and associated hardware; and supporting the telecommunication system.

Information Technology uses and maintains a variety of hardware and software systems, including desktop PCs, Redundant Wide Area Network and Wireless systems, File and Application servers, SAN array, and a VOIP phone system.

IT Staff

Lloyd L. Keith, Chief Technology Officer

Michael Ofori, Operations Manager

Matthew Hankel, System Administration

Ventress Jackson, Technical Support Specialist

Calvin Tracy, Technical Support Specialist 

Department Contact

Lloyd L. Keith, Chief Technology Officer
401 Broadway
Gary, IN 46402
(219) 881-1323

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