Beaches / Aquatics

Ambridge Park

1900 W 2nd Ave

Gary, IN 46404


Borman Square Park

750 Madison Street

Gary, IN 46402


Brunswick Park

700 Clark Road

Gary, IN 46406


Buffington Park

200 E 7th Ave

Gary, Indiana 46402


Glen Ryan Park

4220 E 6th Pl

Gary, IN 46403


Howe Park

E 39th Ave & Vermont St

Gary, IN 46409


Ironwood Park

1119 W 24th Ave

Gary, IN 46407


Jackson Park

600 W 4th Ave

Gary, IN 46402


Pittman Park

303 E 51st Ave

Gary, IN 46409


Reed Park

1534 Connecticut St

Gary, IN 46407

This location includes a splash pad.


Rees Park

520 Johnson Street

Gary, IN 46402


Roosevelt Park

2145 Harrison St

Gary, IN 46407

This location includes an indoor pavilion.


Tolleston Park

1709 Ellsworth Pl

Gary, IN 46404

This location includes a pool, an indoor pavilion, and picnic shelters.

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