Gary Historic Preservation Commission

2021 Schedule of Meetings

DATE OF MEETINGNotices/AgendasMinutes
May 12, 2021Notice & Agenda
June 9, 2021Notice & AgendaMinutes
July 14, 2021Notice & Agenda
August 11, 2021Notice & Agenda

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The commission is comprised of 8 members appointed by the mayor.

  • Patricia Brown
  • Junifer Hall
  • McKenya Dilworth
  • Michaela Spangenberg
  • E. Darryl McCullough
  • Telethia Barrett
  • Sue Rutsen
  • Donald Sanders
  • Planning Liaison Gregory H. Jenkins, AIA

Honoring Founding President Commissioner Naomi Millinder, Emeritus, 1945 - 2018

Creation and Purpose

Gary's Redevelopment is dependent on the Gary Historic Preservation Commission's success of protecting and preserving historic sites.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identify of historic structures and buildings and districts.
  • Prepare recommendations and author protective legislation action by the Gary Common Council
  • Developing design guidelines buildings and historic districts
  • Co-host the Gary Preservation Tour with the Departments of Planning and Redevelopment.
  • Serve as a resource to the residents of Gary