Police Civil Service Commissioners

The Vision

The City of Gary is served and protected by sworn police officers, hired pursuant to Rules and Procedures promulgated by the Gary Police Civil Service Commission.

It is the overarching goal of the Gary Police Civil Service Commission to ensure that sworn members of the Gary Police Department are at all times held to the highest of standards to ensure that the citizens of Gary are at all times provided with a safe, secure, and healthful environment.


To provide written, physical, and oral testing of new recruits for hire on the Gary Police Department, to provide written and oral testing to sworn officers for promotion purposes, and discipline officers, if necessary, when a formal Verified Complaint has been filed by the Chief of Police for the Gary Police Department, a member of the Commission, or any person.


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Department Contact

Angela Brown - Administrator
555 Polk St.
Gary, IN 46402
(219) 882-4319
(219) 881-5227 Fax

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