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The Traffic Engineering Division maintains and installs most traffic, street lights and parking signs on the public way throughout the city. These signs include, street name signs, regulatory signs, directional signs, parking signs and warning signs. The Traffic Division is also responsible for the posting of temporary parking restrictions and the delivery of security barricades and other temporary structures used for traffic and crowd control.

Traffic signals are top priority for the Traffic Division. When there is a problem, we respond within one hour. Our signal technicians work around the clock to keep the signals functioning properly.
Residents can report streetlight outages to the City's 3-1-1 online system or email


  • Disabled Parking Permit Fee (NEW) – There is a ($25.00) fee for all Disabled Parking Signs that are erected within the City of Gary. (Ordinance No – CPO 2013-111-8756)
  • Disabled Parking Permit Renewal Fee (NEW) – There will be an annual renewal fee of ($25.00) for all Disabled Parking Permits. (Ordinance No – CPO 2013-111-8756)

How do I report problems?
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Rachel Ceaser
Deputy Director
900 Madison
Gary, IN 45402
(219) 881-5280
(219) 880-2059 (fax)

Vehicle Maintenance

Erik Agers
p: 219-702-8444