Forms & Documents

All petitions must be submitted to the Zoning Department prior to being placed on the agenda.
Please direct any questions or concerns to the Zoning Department. Thank you.

General Business License – New Business or Change in Address/Ownership

General Business License – Annual Renewal

Second Hand Auto Dealer’s License

Transient Merchant License

Peddler’s License

Special Event Vendor License

Petition to Resubdivide (Replat) or Subdivide (Plat)

Subdivision Primary Plat/Replat Checklist

Subdivision Secondary (Final) Plat/Replat Checklist

Petition for Special Use Permit

Petition for Use Variance

Petition for Developmental Standards Variance

Petition to Rezone

Petition to Vacate

Letters from Utilities for Vacation

General Requirements for Residential Fences