Welcome to THRIVE Gary!

The philosophy for THRIVE! Gary is a simple one: when you can help younger Gary residents develop lifetime goals and non-violent conflict resolution techniques through the restorative justice model, you significantly reduce the need for violence intervention later in their lives.

Mayor Jerome A. Prince and Joy Holliday unveil the new Youth Violence Prevention Program - April 16, 2021


The THRIVE! Gary program focuses on building a network of agencies, educators, employers in an innovative network focusing on helping young people improve their lives. The program’s highlights include:

  • THRIVE! Gary Youth Ambassadors
  • Youth Violence Prevention Network
  • Peace Circles
  • Social media sites with clients providing content and direction.

The Youth Violence Prevention Office welcomes volunteers from throughout the community. This is an all-hands-on-deck for our young people, and we welcome all of Gary- of all ages- to join us in making Gary a better place!