Environmental Affairs

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Gary Brownfields Cleanup Grant Powerpoint

City of Gary Brownfields Cleanup Grant Survey

Public Notices

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to protect and improve the health of the environment making it a valuable asset for Gary utilizing environmental services and program activities to advance the City’s efforts.

Our vision is to pursue a safe, healthy and well protected environment fostered through civic engagement to help advance a sustainable society and economy.

The objective of the Environmental Affairs Department is to achieve and maintain a cleaner, healthier environment for the citizens of Gary through:

  • Inspection & monitoring of businesses and sites that impact environmental quality;
  • Providing environmental information and response and concerns regarding environmental issues;
  • Environmental Assessment and Remediation Planning and Implementation;
  • Issuing local air operating permits to businesses operating in the City of Gary by City Ordinance;
  • Act as the agent for Indiana Department of Environmental Management Air Program in the City of Gary;
  • Working with all City Departments and Agencies to develop sound environmental practices in city projects and operations;
  • Monitoring and Maintaining Solid Waste Sites, including the Closed Gary Sanitary Landfill and J-Pit;
  • Working cooperatively with and assisting State and Federal Agencies in environmental management and enforcement programs.